It’s Great To Be Alive


It’s Great To Be Alive
By Cinda M Carter

It’s great to be alive
With Jesus as my Guide…

Life was a void without my Savior,
Wishing only for the week-ends to get here to give life a little flavor.
So, I could just have my fun.
Only caring for myself and not really for anyone.

Like the man at sail in a ship going to and fro.
With no one to direct from the helm with nowhere to go.
When the storms came,
I was at a loss with my life being the same.

I felt empty and undone,
Asking myself where did I come from?
God used the storms of life to draw me near.
My life was turned inside out with all kinds of fear.

Out of desperation I called out to the Lord.
Please, help me I’m lost, my life in in discord.
The waves are over my head,
I might as well be dead.

God was my only hope.
I asked Him to help me cope.
Forgive me Lord for what I have done,
This way just isn’t anymore fun.

Jesus took the helm of the ship for me.
Peace be still, He says, I died for you on the tree.
I took your place,
Now you can live under God’s grace.

Yes, there are more storms to come,
With Jesus at the helm I will circum.
While in the ship of life,
I have learned to love Christ.

Each day holds a new adventure,
With Christ at the helm, my life is no longer pretentious.
Thank you for giving me life,
I now know Heaven will be my flight.

Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Call on His Name if only you would.
Through life’s storms there is peace,
Through it all your faith will increase.

God has a plan for each new day,
Ask Him to show you the way.
Don’t hesitate and don’t be afraid,
Christ is the only way.

I look at things differently now.
I anticipate each new day and think to myself, Oh! Wow!
It’s Great to be Alive,
With Jesus as my Guide.


‘If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us
and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’
[1 John 1:9]



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