Jesus Loves The Little Children


Jesus Loves The Little Children
By W A Zamorano

One day some mothers
Brought their little ones
To the place
Where Jesus had come
To heal the sick
And pray for everyone.

The mothers asked Jesus
That a prayer He might say
But the disciples didn’t like it
And chased them away.

When Jesus saw it
He got mad
And said to the men
Do not forbid them
Bring them to me
That I may bless them.

And Jesus told the men
Let them come
Small and tall
So that I may bless them all.

Then Jesus told everyone
That even the grown-ups
must become like a little child
If they want to enter
into the Kingdom of God
Or they will be left behind.

And Jesus took each child
into His arms
And blessed them
To be safe from all harm.

Although you cannot see Him
He is always near
He sees your tears
And knows your fears
He fills your heart
With joy and cheer.

One thing is very clear
JESUS loves the little children
That includes you, my Dear.




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