Jesus Turns Water Into Wine


Jesus Turns Water Into Wine
By W A Zamorano

One day Jesus went to a town named Cana
A wedding to attend
All the guests were having a wonderful time
Singing and laughing
Until the host of the party ran out of wine.

Jesus’ Mother called for her Son
And told the disciples to come
To find out if anything could be done
Not to spoil the people’s fun.

Then she turned to the disciples
And told them, fellows just do
Whatever Jesus tells you to.

There were six large water pots
No one did attend
So Jesus told the men
Put some fresh water into them.

And fill them up to the brim
Then pour some water from the jar
And bring it to the man in charge
And let him have a drink.

The guy was so surprised
And asked the disciple why
Did you not serve
This expensive wine first.

When the men are all drunk
Stoned out in their mind
Then you can serve the cheaper kind.

This was the first miracle
That Jesus Christ had done
There were
Many more miracles to come.

When the disciples saw
What Jesus had done
They said to each other
Could this be Messiah
God had said would come.


Yes, you cannot guess
The many miracles
That were to come
By the Word and by the hand
Of God’s only begotten Son.
That it was a miracle
Was plain to see
Did you know
He will do a miracle
For you and me
When we trust Hm and believe?

Let’s pray…
Dear Jesus, come into my heart
And give me a new start




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