By W A Zamorano

One day Jonah heard God say,
“Arise and go to Nineveh
and tell the people,
to stop their sinful ways,
or judgment will come in 40 days.”

But Jonah didn’t do,
what God had told him to.
Jonah didn’t go to Nineveh,
Jonah went the other way.

He went aboard a ship,
to go on a faraway trip.
When a storm rose up
and the ship was shaking
Jonah started quaking.

He confessed to the other men,
“It’s all my fault,
because I ran from God.”
They grabbed him by the neck
and threw Jonah over deck.

At that moment a great big fish swam by
and swallowed the poor guy.
Jonah cried out to God in fright.
Three days and three nights
he was inside the fish’s belly,
he started to feel like jelly.

All his skin had turned yellow,
but God had mercy on the fellow.
He let the fish vomit him on the shore,
where he ran away from before.

Jonah obeyed God’s orders and went .
and the people of Nineveh did repent.

But Jonah wasn’t happy,
he sat down under a green vine,
protected from the hot sunshine.
He complained to God with a sigh,

“I knew you wouldn’t let the people die.”
So God had to teach him a lesson.
He let the vine get dry and die.

Then Jonah remembered,
how God let the fish spit him out,
and Jonah understood,
that God has Mercy, because He is good.




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