Love Hurts


Love Hurts
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

Surely love is a good thing,
the greatest gift of all,
Surely it’s not meant to hurt,
be like a bitter gall.
Faith, hope and Love, the Bible says,
will surely last for ever,
and love it is the greatest,
says God, who is the giver.
So why does love hurt?
We love our partner, and our child,
we love our friend and brother,
but often we are left alone,
for they prefer another.
We have a lot of love to give,
to family and to friends,
An everlasting store of love,
which surely has no end.
But love does hurt.

Our God He loved us all so much,
He sent His son to die
So we could be forgiven,
and have a home on high.
Christ gave His love so freely
a greater love had he,
But they mocked him and rejected him,
then hung him on a tree.
Oh how love hurts!

True love is unconditional,
it does not seek reward,
True love binds us together,
is like a golden cord.
One end is held by God above,
the other is in our heart,
A never ending cord of love,
nothing can pull apart
That cord can not be broken,
so when we pull and strain,
against the cord that binds us,
it gives our Lord much pain.
Yes Love does hurt!

We have other cords that bind us,
to family and to friends,
we hold the cord close to us,
but sometimes, they pull the end.
It is then we feel the tension,
and pain begins to show,
because our love is deep and strong,
how it hurts us so.
Hold tighter to the other cord,
which binds our hearts in love
to the one who never lets us down,
our God in heaven above.


‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son…’
[John 3 v 16]



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