Love In Action


Love In Action
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

I walked into a church one day,
but I didn’t find God there.
Though the people they were singing hymns
and someone said a prayer.

I sat down in a corner,
and I heard the preacher say,
“Love God and love your neighbour
help others on their way”.

I stumbled out the doorway
when the service it was done,
Nobody spoke to me at all,
not the preacher, anyone.

I walked slowly down the pathway
my eyes now filled with tears,
remembering the happy times
I had in bygone years.

When with my wife and family
I would sit in church and pray,
God seemed so very near then
But where was He today?

I went down to the refuge,
for hot soup and some bread,
“Now have a cup of tea Luv”
Is what the lady said.

She smiled and said “God bless you”
as she handed me my tea,
and in that kindly smile,
At last, my God, I see.


[Matthew 25:34-46]



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