Love’s Abandon


Love’s Abandon
By Rita Broden

I stood before the Lord one day
And He showed me in a dream
Much of what we do and say
Is NOT what it may seem.

We continue pointing fingers
As though we’ve done no wrong
We speak our words of judgment –
And we speak them loud and strong.

Fault belongs to someone else
WE stand perfectly
No fault lies within US!
At least, no fault that WE can see.

We ignore the gentle knocking
We ignore the call to Life
Apparently we choose, instead,
To live our lives of strife.

The hectic lives of busyness
Of self imposed demands
No time for other people
We have too much on our hands.

Our many acts of kindness?
Well, my friends, as it turns out –
Recognition is our goal
That’s ALL it is about.

It is difficult to see the truth
It stings us to the core
Yet, the sting is necessary
Even though it makes us sore.

Truth was brought into our midst
Yet we hadn’t ears to hear
We continue living lives we know;
We hold earthly treasures dear.

Jesus came as an example
As a sacrificial Lamb
Willingly He died for us
To please the Great I Am.

The messenger God sent us,
(God’s only begotten Son) would live
To show us how to spend our lives:
Not how to take – but how to give.

Jesus came to us as Servant
And serve He did – till death!
This, too, is how WE should live
With each God given breath.

The acts of kindness that we do
We most likely won’t recall
There’s no time to keep a record
When we’re serving one and all.

And within a servant’s heart
There’s no room for selfishness
Our focus? Serving others –
And by so doing, God to bless.

Blessing God with service
To our fellow human kind
A servant’s heart and attitude
We should seek and hope to find.

To follow Christ’s example
So that ‘self’ can’t have its way
To go to sleep with this mindset
And wake up with it each day.

To tear down every selfish wall
And let God’s love flood our soul
To let His perfect peace set in
So He can comfort and console.

To walk in Love’s abandon
With no conditions: just to love
If we just put on the mind of Christ
Fleshly things we’ll rise above.

If we do not serve our fellow man
Our God we do not serve
Go read our Savior’s story
Pay attention and observe.

Take heed His lessons taught us
Apply them as you live
You’ll find the more you give away
The more you’ll have to give!

I urge you to serve freely
And, please, remind me of the same
We MUST live as servants
If we’re to glorify His name.




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