Loving Saviour


Loving Saviour
By Doreen Margaret Higgs

I have a loving Saviour,
who walks with me each day,
no matter where I wander,
by my side he will stay.
Although I cannot see him,
I feel His presence near,
so whatever happens to me,
I have no need to fear.

I may not always see the way,
the path I have to tread,
It’s then he takes me by the hand,
and walks along ahead.
Sometimes I do not follow,
I turn and walk away,
but always he will be there,
waiting day by day.

Ready to forgive me,
pick me up each time I fall,
ready, always listening
for my faintest call.
Yes I have a loving Saviour,
so there is no need to fear,
for whatever life brings to me,
My Lord is always near.




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