Lullaby From Jesus


Lullaby From Jesus
By Frederick Blanchard

Looking up into His understanding face,
An all encompassing peace is felt,
By the young and old that’s cradled in His strength,
While resting in the comfort of His loving embrace.

Cares of the day drift away in silence,
For the gentleness of His presence is holding us,
Bringing on the slumber of wholeness,
A feeling of completeness brought about by His essence.

Listen to the voice of Jesus as we commune in prayer,
He’s whispering softly, “Oh how I love you my child,
For you are the most precious treasure to my heart,
You bring me joy as I hold you in my arms of care.”

Rocking in this gentleness of the love of Christ,
We experience the reality of worshipping Him,
This comforting union of God holding man,
Brings us perfect peace; resting in the love of Christ.




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