Manna, What Is It?


Manna, What Is It?
By W A Zamorano

When Moses led the people out
they all gave a big shout.
They were happy as could be,
being delivered out of slavery.
But there was desert all around
and no fresh water to be found.

And it didn’t take long,
they started to murmur and complain.
We are thirsty, we’re getting sick,
Moses get us some water, quick.
We’re going to die in this Saharah.

They finally came to a place called Marah,
where they found water,
but it was bitter, unfit for drinking.
After Moses did some thinking,
he prayed and God heard his plea
and showed him a tree.

God said, throw it into the water
and the water will be sweet
So all the people drank.
and even filled their tank.

It was not long after that, the people said,
we are hungry, we want some bread.

Then God did another miracle.
Early in the morning when they got up
it started raining manna into their cup,
and it fell all around, covering the ground.
Since they didn’t know its name,
they called it Manna, what is it?
It means the same.

Then the people wanted meat.
So in the evening, just before the sun went down,
God sent a flock of birds to fly just above the ground.
So the people killed as many as they could eat.

There was a fresh supply every day
except on the Sabbath, a holy day.
It was set apart unto the Lord.
So everyone had get double the day before.

After many days they came to another place
where there was no water anywhere.
The people were angry and told Moses,
you don’t care! Moses cried out to God
and the Lord showed him a rock
and told him to strike it with his rod
and water started gushing out,
as if he had opened a big spout.

For forty years they wandered around.
God sent a pillar of fire by night
and a cloud by day,
to lead the way.


[Exodus 15 & 16]



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