Moses & The Red Sea


Moses & The Red Sea
By W A Zamorano

Finally the Hebrew people were free.
There was a train of people and animals,
as far as you could see.
Young and old were marching along,
singing a happy song,

Then to their horror and fear
they saw Pharaoh’s chariots appear.
They were in great distress,
in the middle of a press..

In front of them was the Red sea.
and behind them Pharaoh’s army
with his chariots and riders
as swift as they could be.

Then God told Moses,
Stretch out your rod!
The water parted and they praised God.
So they all hurried through the path
to escape Pharaoh’s wrath.

When the chariots were
in the middle of the sea,
Pharaoh shouted with glee,
we’re going to have the victory.

But God had another plan,
he waited for all the people to get on land.
Then God let the wind blow another way,
and Pharaoh’s army drowned that day.

God had heard the cries of His people
and send Moses to bring them out..
God did mighty miracles for them,
he loves His people, there is no doubt.


[Exodus 14]



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