Moses & The Ten Plagues


Moses & The Ten Plagues
By W A Zamorano

God had told Moses to go to Egypt
And bring the Hebrew people out
But Moses didn’t want to go.
He told God, You know I stutter
With every word I utter
God answered
Take your brother Aaron too
And he will speak for you.

But Moses wasn’t through
Who will believe
that you have sent me
What is it that I can do?
Then God told Moses
To throw down his rod
When it turned into a snake
Moses was afraid.
But God said
When the people see this sign
They will know that you are mine.

When Moses went to Pharaoh
He told him, Let my people go
But Pharaoh said No, no, no.
Then Moses threw down his rod
And it turned into a snake
When the magicians of Pharaoh
Did the same and their snakes
began to crawl
Moses snake ate them all
And when Moses reached for it
It turned back into his stick.

God did many signs and send
10 plagues upon the land
With the rod in his hand
God turned all the water into blood
He sent frogs and flies
And fleas and lice

Still the Pharaoh said, No
I will not let your people go.
God had another plan
He send a destroying angel over the land
To kill every firstborn son.

God told the brother Aaron
You are leaving tomorrow
Put the blood of a lamb on the door
The night before
So when the angel saw the blood
He would not touch even a mouse
He would pass over that house.

When Pharaoh found his dead son
He told the Hebrews, You better run
Get out of my sight
Your God has won the fight


[Exodus 3-12]



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