Noah’s Ark


Noah’s Ark
By W A Zamorano

When all the people on the earth turned bad,
God was very sad.

He said, “I will start all over again,
I just have to find one faithful man.”
He found Noah and his family,
who loved God very much for all to see.

God told Noah, build me a ship.
You and your family are going on a trip.
Noah didn’t ask God why,
there had never been a cloud in the sky.

Noah was telling the people what God had said.
But they all laughed and made fun of him instead.

When the ark was finished
Noah opened the door real wide,
and two by two all the animals went inside.

There was plenty of room for them all
some were small but some were really tall.

Then Noah and his family went inside
and shut the door.
The people outside were not laughing any more.

Then it began to rain, and rain, and rain
for forty days and for forty nights
it was pouring down.

The water covered everything
you could not see the ground.

When it stopped raining
Noah opened up the window
and let a dove fly out.’
The bird came back with a leaf in its beak
and the ark landed on a mountain peak.

Noah opened up the door
and out did all the animals pour.

When Noah lifted up his eyes to look at the sky
he saw a beautiful rainbow way up high.
It is still there in the clouds after the rain
to remind us God will never flood the earth again.

Have you seen God’s beautiful rainbow
All the promises in God’s Word are true.
Just ask Him and He will give them to You!

God loves You!




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