Now I Lay Me


Now I Lay Me
By Rita Broden

Now I lay me down to sleep
Another day I’ve spent
Not sure just what I’ve spent it on
But, well, it surely went.

I pray the Lord my soul to keep
In fear I make this plea
‘Cause deep inside I KNOW
Some things are still not right with me.

If I should die before I wake
I’m not sure where I’ll go
I WANT to go to Heaven
But merely wanting won’t make it so.

I pray the Lord my soul to take
I can’t stand the thoughts of Hell
Maybe God will find SOME good in me
So that with Him I may dwell?


Well my friend…

When next you lay you down to sleep
I pray you know the Lord
Jesus is the ONLY One
Who offers Life’s reward.

Jesus IS the soul keeper
It is HIM Who makes us right
It is HIM Who watches over us
Every day and night.

If you should die before you wake
I hope you die prepared
Right now I do not think you are
It DOES sound like you’re scared.

Jesus your soul WILL take, my friend!
Confess Him as your Lord!
Believe God raised Him from the dead
And gain life’s TRUE reward.

It isn’t hard at all to do!
It doesn’t take too long!
I’m here to testify to you
With Him you CAN’T go wrong!

Now I lay ME down to sleep
My prayer for you will be
That you will make the ‘Jesus’ choice
(May, in Heaven, YOU I see!)




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