Now Is The Hour Of Salvation


Now Is The Hour Of Salvation
By Rita Broden

Now is the hour of salvation
Right now you’re alive to make choice
Tomorrow you may not be living
So call out to the Lord with your voice.

Confess with your voice that Jesus is Lord
Believe that God raised Him from dead
Let Who He is, and what God has done
Fill your heart and not merely your head.

You don’t have to wait until Sunday
You don’t need an altar or pew
Find somewhere to just be alone with the Lord
(Don’t do this for me, but for you).

There’s no special prayer that you must pray
In pureness of heart hit your knees
Confess all your sins to the Savior
(And…it’s ok to cry if you please).

We ALL are the vilest of sinners
NONE of us worthy of Heaven
It’s only through Jesus that any are saved-
His blood shed for us – freely given.

I sure hope to see you in Heaven some day!
I’ll know you as sister or brother!
Eternal security waits for you NOW!
Signed: One Sinner (Saved) to Another!




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