Now Is The Time


Now Is The Time
By Christine Hare Tate

God’s plan was devised long ago
so everyone on earth would know
and blinded eyes would finally see
His love at work miraculously…
Yet around the world corruption grows
followed by tears and endless woes.
Tho hopeless conditions seem to prevail
the saints will attest God never fails.
Because of Calvary men are forgiven
and forever cleansed from every sin.
But so many reject God’s holy rules
thinking they’re wise but are actually fools.
It can never be said that God was unfair
when His truth is revealed everywhere.
God’s plan is unveiled clear and bold
thru His word for all to behold…
The choice made now will decide
where in eternity men will reside.
Heaven or hell, no time to delay,
it depends on your decision today!




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