By Rita Broden

When the leaves begin to rustle
(“clapping hands”, to quote God’s Word)
Keep in mind next time you hear it,
It’s praise to God that you’ve just heard.

And the flowers, when they open
To-display-their colors of great glory,
Are more than just some pretty blooms
They are singing their praise story!

As the kitten starts to purr
While she is resting on your chest,
It’s not just purrs you’re hearing
That’s-how-her-songs of praise are dressed!

When the songbirds start to sing
It’s more than just a pretty noise!
When they open up their mouths
They’re singing praises with their voice!

It’s so comforting at night
To hear the crickets as they sing,
Because I know that they
Are singing praises to my King!

When the frogs begin to croak
Some think they’re calling for a mate.
I think it’s praises that we hear!
They’re telling God that He’s so great!

“Let everything that has some breath
Praise God”, the Word declares.
Let us praise Him with our voices
As all of nature does with theirs!




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