Sacrifice Not Stayed


Sacrifice Not Stayed
By June Stein

With the blood of Jesus Christ, that we might have life in Him,
Only Jesus, God’s Son, One with Him before time began,
Could be the sinless sacrifice, for the endless sin of man.
Forbid, that we be complacent about His gift of Love,
The King of Kings, Lord of Hosts, left His throne above,
And humbled Himself to become like us, in lowly human birth,
God’s Son lived and died among us; in Him, alone, is our worth.

Abraham was stayed from sacrificing his son, Isaac’s life,
An example of the Sacrifice–not stayed, of Jesus Christ,
He carried our sin in humility, with bloody stripes and crown of thorns,
Was nailed to the Cross on Calvary’s hill, amid the taunts and scorn,
Our Savior bled and died for us, that we might have new life,
As we leave our sins at the Cross and repent, believing in Jesus Christ.

He was laid in another’s tomb sealed with a heavy stone; then, on the third day,
When women came to anoint Him, the stone was rolled away!
Angels in raiment white as snow were tending the empty tomb,
And greeted them with a message, which dispelled their deepening gloom,
“You seek Jesus, who was crucified. He is not here; for He has risen, as He said.”
“See the place where He lay; then go quickly,
And tell His disciples that He has risen from the dead.”

Because He lives, we too shall live! It is Finished! Amen! Amen!




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