Samson And Delilah


Samson And Delilah
By W A Zamorano

The people of Israel had gone astray
they didn’t follow in God’s way.
They worshipped idols made of stone,
instead of God alone.

But there was a husband and his wife
who were still serving God with their life.
God saw that they were very sad,
because they never had
any children to make them glad.

One day the angel of the Lord came
and told them, they would have a son
Samson was going to be his name.
He was never to cut his hair,
and as his hair got longer,
he would become stronger and stronger,
and that some day he would set Israel free
from the opression of the enemy.

One day when Samson went to another city,
he fell in love with a girl, that was very pretty.
But he didn’t know that the girl
was helping the Philistine soldiers to discover,
what was the secret of her lover.

So, Delilah, that was her name.
pretended she was playing a game.
She tied him up with ropes
which every time he easily broke.

Again and again she asked him,
why he was so strong,
and why his hair was so long.
He told her a lie,
he didn’t want her to know why.
but she kept bugging him and he gave in.

When he was sleeping she cut all his hair
and tied him up and left him lying there.
When he woke up he couldn’t get free
and the soldiers threw him in prison.
They poked out his eyes, so he couldn’t see.


After many years his hair grew long
and again he became strong.
One day the Philistines were having
a big celebration.
They called for Samson to be brought in.
They wanted to make fun of him.
Samson asked a little boy to lead him
to the 2 pillars in the middle of the room.

Samson asked the Lord to give him strength
He pushed until the pillars gave way.
The whole building began to sway
and the roof came crashing down.
All the Philistines were killed that day.

Although Samson was disobedient,
and became blind because of his sin.
In the end God had Mercy
and answered his request
and let him win over the Philistines
even though it meant his death.




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