Satan Is Roaring


Satan Is Roaring
By Rita Broden

Satan is roaring
The last days are here
Don’t let him defeat you
Through doubt or through fear.

Don’t let him put hatred
Where love used to be
And don’t let him lull you
Into com-pla-cen-cy.

Watch out for his tactics
They’re subtle yet strong
He’ll lead you to places
Where you don’t belong.

He’s hot on our trails
And as mad as can be
And wants to recapture
Those whom Jesus set free.

He doesn’t play fairly
Can appear a ‘good guy’
Keep watchful my friends
He invented the lie.

And one of the biggest
Lies of them all
Is when he says, ‘You’re no Christian!’
‘No you aren’t! Not at all!’

He’ll tell you that lie
Till he’s blue in the face
And when he does
Just hold on to God’s grace!

He’s clever, that serpent
He’ll deceive when he can
Just remember with Jesus
You’ve got the strong upper hand!

The enemy’s raging
Of that there’s no doubt
Just keep praising the Lord
With a song or a shout!

Proclaim Jesus’ name
All the time, everywhere
Do it on purpose
And abandon all care.

He’s worthy of praise,
Honor, glory, acclaim!
It is Jesus’ blood!
And it’s Jesus’ name!

It’s all about Jesus!
Nothing else need be done!
To the cross Jesus went
With our sins one on one.

He defeated ol’ satan
Right then and right there!
We became over-comer’s
Because of His care.

So don’t let ol’ satan
Deceive you again
We’re victors in Jesus!
Amen! And, Amen!

Don’t give up
Don’t give in
On Jesus’ side
We always win.




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