School Of Satan


School Of Satan
(Graduation Speech To Students)
By Tom D Blakely

“I send you out into the world to do as you were trained
To make a mockery of Christ wherever He is named.
Go infiltrate the media, an influential source…
All references to Jesus Christ must be in jest or curse.”

<cue: short applause/silence>

“To the other religions go, and teach them what to do
Do not make it obvious that they are with us too.
No Christ, no cross, no sacrifice, no mention about hell
Embrace all creeds that don’t need Christ; christendom as well.”

<cue: short applause/silence>

“I have the whole world in my hands, except for God’s elect
Divide and conquer, split them up, mix them with our sects.
Try persecution, mockery, and give them hell’s abuse
Anything you can think to do, that makes them of no use!”

<exit Satan/cue: loud applause & standing ovation>



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