Self Examination


Self Examination
By Rita Broden

Carefully considering each word I choose to speak
Each action taken, be it good or bad.
Will they all withstand the fire when tested on God’s day?
Or burn away as trash and make me sad?

Have I done all things I’ve done as though unto the Lord?
Or was there yet a bit of pride still left in me?
Did I do my alms in secret? Or did I boast a bit?
Were some things done that others might just see?

Have I really died to self? Have I been put to rest?
Do things remain about me that have, as yet, not died?
Is my eyesight singular? My heart sold out to God?
Still falling short I am, oh, yes am I.


Prepare myself – I’d better! Get ‘with it’, so to speak!
The last days, it would seem, are at the door.
Make ready Mr. Discipline, as I take hold your hand
My motives and my heart we will explore.




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