Send Me A Friend, Lord


Send Me A Friend, Lord
By Rita Broden

Send me a friend, Lord – some-one I can trust
Send a friend with a heart just and true
A friend who’s not bound to the things of this world
A friend who will love me as You do.

A friend who forgives when I stumble and fall
Understands when I take a wrong turn
Understands all my weaknesses (many there are)
One who, with patience, will help me to learn.

A friend who’ll stick by me thru thick and thru thin
With a listening ear that will hear
A friend who will never be so far away
That when I need him he cannot be near.

Lord, I know that I’m asking so, so very much
I can’t pretend not to know that it’s true
Just one friend, Lord, who meets all I have asked
Lord, that’s all that I’m asking of You.

What did You say, Lord? What did I hear?
Forgive me, Lord! I’ve been so blind
Right there You’ve always been – right there You are
YOU’RE the very friend I had in mind!




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