Send Them Forth


Send Them Forth
By Rita Broden

Raise up some holy men, O Lord!
False teachers sooooo abound
How cleverly they do pervert Your Word
So cunningly they twist it
Into what You’ve never said
They mock it and they make it seem absurd.

They boldly make the statements
That You didn’t really mean
Whatever said in Chapter, Book, and Verse
They even dare to go so far
To justify ALL sin!
They have no clue they’re under satan’s curse.

O Lord! We DO need laborers!
Your return is very near!
We need men who will stand holy and be bold
Men who will not compromise
Their commitment made to You
Those who will make sure the TRUTH is told.

Send them forth, Lord of the harvest!
Give them ‘umph’ they’ve never had
And may the rest of us stand by their sides
Confronting sin’s not popular!
And most folks will not like it!
Give us courage so we will not run and hide!

A confrontation’s coming!
I can feeling it drawing near!
I hope we’re ready, oh sweet family, to stand strong
It’s time to live in holiness –
Time to stand up for our Lord!
It’s time to right the rights and wrong the wrongs!




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