Set Aside My Pride


Set Aside My Pride
By Cinda M Carter

Please, Dear Lord,
Help Me To Set Aside My Pride.

It’s been awhile, Dear Lord…
To say the things that need to be said,
I ask for Your forgiveness instead.
As I kneel down before.

It’s because of You…
That I can say,
I’m sorry for my sins.
I am the one to blame.

Your mercy is complete…
With Jesus on the throne.
Sitting on the right hand of God.
He intercedes.

I have allowed the enemy to distract me…
But in my confusion.
I humbly bow before You.
Asking for Your mercy to set me free.

Please, Dear Lord, help me to set aside my pride…
As the blood of Jesus cleanses me from within.
Make me white as snow, so that I might know.
That I will be ready when the trumpet blows.




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