Sheep Or Goats?


Sheep Or Goats?
By Lucia K Haase

Will you be with sheep or goats?
When Jesus comes, where will you go?
Will you too sing angel notes?

Where will you be – do you know?
When you see Him on the throne,
will He say, ‘Depart now – go! —

you stranger that I haven’t known!’
Will you go to left or right?
Will your love for Him have shown?

Will He bless you in His sight,
and say, ‘Take your inheritance!’…
or will He point to eternal night??

There will be no second chance-
seek His light, His truth and way,
now, in every circumstance!

Confess your sins to Him and pray!
Will you too sing angel notes?
Follow Christ – His truth and way!!
Will you be with sheep or goats???


‘…and he will separate the people one from another,
as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats…’
[Matthew 25: 31-46]



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