Staying Power


Staying Power
By Rita Broden

When our minds are stayed upon the Lord
Our souls are kept in peace
Our emotions do not rule us there
Discontentment has to cease.

And within that place of peace –
Our troubled souls at rest –
We see clearly our Lord’s sacrifice
And the depths to which we’re blessed.

In that place of peace He’ll teach us –
In that place of peace we’ll see –
In that place of peace we’ll understand
God’s love for all humanity.

And if we’re willing students
And apply what we are taught
We become a weapon for our Lord
To bring Satan’s wiles to naught.

Forgiveness, patience, kindness, care –
LOVE causes Satan pain!
Staying our minds upon the Lord
Is where all of these things reign.

Putting off our own thoughts
And putting on our Lord’s
Is the very thing that, one day,
Will bring us our rewards.

We can’t bear fruit without Him
Our focus must be clear
Let us stay our minds upon our Lord
And forever hold Him dear.




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