Stoke The Fire


Stoke The Fire
By W A Zamorano

Has your face lost its glow?
Is your flame burning low?
Is more of Him, what you desire?
Let God stoke your fire!

Are you plagued by doubt?
Has your flame gone out?
Don’t listen to the liar.
Let God stoke your fire!

Has your vision grown dim?
Does your wick need a trim?
Do you want your candle to burn higher?
Let God stoke your fire!

Were you once a burning torch?
Aglow with the Glory of the Lord?
But now you’re sinking in the mire?
Let God stoke your fire!

Dear Heavenly Father,
Please let Your holy fire fall from above
And consume us with Your Love.
Let it burn, let it burn
Until the Lord’s return!




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