The Footsteps Of God’s Army


The Footsteps Of God’s Army
By Joanne Standfield

I see the clouds approaching
I hear the beat of Heaven’s drum
God’s army now arising
precious souls to be won.
The darkness is increasing
gross darkness all around
but listen, can you hear it
can you hear the sound?

The footsteps of God’s army
taking back the land
an army so mighty and awesome
no foe can withstand.
Hear the trumpet sounding
file in and join the ranks
marching together in unity
angels at our flank.

The Lord has opened my ears
several times to hear the rain.
It gets louder and louder
and then it will change,
it becomes the sound of His army
an awesome and thunderous sound
an army in full armour
setting at liberty those that are bound.

The Captain of the host is Jesus
He will lead us in the way
turning darkness into light before us
making uneven places a plain.
His Word in our mouth
we’ll wield against the enemy
and watch as they flee in terror
as we enforce our victory!
Fleeing in every direction
but there’s no where to go
for the enemy’s already beaten
a whipped and vanquished foe.




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