The Gift Of His Love


The Gift Of His Love
By Joanne Standfield

May your Christmas be filled with His presence,
a gift given freely from above.
May your mouth be filled with praise
because God gave His own precious Son.
His love is a gift like no other
for it will never come to an end,
it can span the widest ocean
and when given, comes back again!
It can heal the bruised and the broken
and soften the sin-hardened heart,
it can lighten the darkest moment
and give us a brand new start.
It’s a gift that will unlock treasures
hidden in His written Word,
taking you from glory to glory,
as His gentle whispers are heard.
This still, small voice will guide you
and lead you in His love,
for it’s now been shed abroad in you,
by the Holy Spirit sent from above.




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