The Good Samaritan


The Good Samaritan
By W A Zamorano

One day a man came to Jesus
To ask Him how to be saved
To show him the way
To go to heaven some day.
Then Jesus asked him in return
What do the Ten Commandments say to do?
The young man said
Love God with all of your heart
and love your neighbor too.

Then Jesus told him a story…
About a man who was traveling
From Jerusalem to Jericho
When some robbers took his clothes
And everything he had
And beat him up real bad.

The robbers left him by the road
Than ran off with the fellow’s coat
The poor man was black and blue
And bleeding from the wounds.

After a while
A Jewish priest came that way
A teacher of the Law
He ignored what he saw
Instead of helping the poor guy
He crossed over to the other side
And kept on walking by.

Next a Levite came along
He also did what was wrong
When he saw the wounded man
He too did not lend a hand.

But at last a Samaritan came by
And when he saw the man half dead
He lifted his head
and gave him some wine
And some bread.

He attended his wounds
He put him on his donkey
And took him to an in
And rented a room
He paid for the man’s stay
Until he could be on his way.

Then Jesus asked the man
Who of these three was a neighbor?
The one who helped the guy
Was the man’s reply.

[Luke 10:25-37]



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