The Gospel According To Man


The Gospel According To Man
By Marie C Neubauer

Jesus preached His Gospel as He traveled through the land
The people gladly heard Him, receiving miracles at His hand.

The religious leaders hated Him, He became to them a threat
“The whole world is going after Him”,and they became upset!
They conspired against Him, they planned for His demise
And then one day they put Him to death, based on only lies!

But He rose out of the grave, and appeared to many men
He told them to wait and pray, He’d send the Spirit to them
They would receive power from on high to preach the Good News
And signs would follow their preaching to both Gentiles and Jews.

They would speak with new tongues, and lay hands on men
The sick would recover and men would repent
And we read in the Bible how fast the Church grew
How men’s hearts were changed, and their lives became new!

He said the gates of hell would never prevail
And those who abide in His words would never fail
But today there’s a counterfeit church to be found
The Word has been altered, leaving many men bound!

What has happened to the doctrines Jesus Christ taught
Where is the holiness apostles and saints sought
Some profess they love God and love fellowmen
Love is fleshly, not Godly, when sin reigns in them.

Many doctrines of Jesus are denied by this church
It has caused much confusion, left men in the lurch
The Bible is idealistic they say, no one can measure up
Surely God never meant for us to drink this cup.

So they invented another gospel, the one according to man
Repentance is a thing of the past, follow Jesus if you can
He knows you’re weak and sinful, no need to change your life
He certainly understands each time you change your wife.

When I read the words that Jesus spoke, I cannot help but see
The path is very narrow that He set for you and me
He said, “Don’t call me Lord, if you do not what I say”
But I will be with you always, and guide you all the way.

Jesus warns of false teachers who’d depart from the Word
Who would wrestle the scriptures and call them absurd
We must study the Word, from them never depart
We must hate every false way, hide his Word in our heart!

We are not really Christians if not ‘born again’
We are not following Jesus if we’re living in sin
We’ll be judged by God’s Word at the end of life’s span
But many will be lost through the gospel of man!


‘For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine…’
[2 Timothy 4:3]



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