The Guarantee To Paradise


The Guarantee To Paradise
By W A Zamorano

O how the time does fly
And the days rush by
Have you found the answer
Do you know why
We are here on this planet
Watching the hours go by?

Yes, there is a reason
For our visit here
Let me make it clear
We are here on this earth
Only for a special season.

God has given to each of us
An appointed span of time
To discover His plan
For your life and mine.

It is not through religion
of any kind
That the answer you may find
No matter how holy they seem
They are all the devil’s scheme.

God sent His only begotten Son
To die for everyone
Jew or Gentile
Black, yellow or white
Are all equal in His sight.

Only Jesus Christ
could take our place
and shed His sinless Blood
to rescue the human race.

There is no such thing as fate
God has given us free will
To make our decision
He has given you control
Over the destiny of your own soul.

It is up to you and me
Heaven or hell what will it be
God gives us only one guarantee
When we call on Jesus Name
We will be saved for all eternity.

God’s Spirit comes into our heart
Never ever to depart
And when we die
Or He comes back.

To catch away the church
Whatever may come first
We will enter Heaven’s gate
And behold His lovely face.

Please, do not procrastinate
Make up your mind today
Don’t wait until it is too late
And you stand at the other gate
That leads to the fiery lake.

If you want to have peace
For the rest of your life, be wise
Give your heart to Jesus Christ
And we will meet in Paradise.


‘For God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son,
that whoever believes in Him should not perish
but have everlasting life.’
[John 3:16



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