The Holy Sacrifice


The Holy Sacrifice
By June Stein

Sent by His Father to a world that was cold…
needing the love of our God to unfold;

Lost and unbending, man weighed down with sin;
to that world, God’s Son, Lamb of God, entered in.

Came as a baby, in the humblest obscurity;
becoming true man, yet true God in sweet purity,

What measure could show…what words could define,
a love that would leave heaven’s glory behind,

To become for mankind the pure sacrifice,
none else for our sin but His life would suffice.

The sins are against God, and yet He, in Christ,
takes the judgment Himself, and pays the full price,

The Son on the cross, yes, but still One in Three…
as Father and Spirit hover over that tree,

In body, the Son, Jesus, suffers alone;
feels forsaken by God…so far from the throne,

The Father and Spirit mark each anguished pain,
knowing well the Beloved Son’s cost for our stain,

“It is finished” were the last words Jesus said;
then He gave up His spirit, as He bowed His head.

Temple curtain was rent, and dark sky rolled with thunder;
the dead walked about, as the earth split asunder.

Did lightning’s sharp crack mask the sound of God’s scream?
Was the terrible wind Spirit’s pained reckoning?

As the Son hung in agony on the cruel cross,
Father, Spirit and Son suffered much for the lost.


 In the story of Abraham, his hand was stayed from sacrificing his only son,
as God provided the lamb. And yet, God’s own beloved Son was the sacrifice for our sins.
How unfathomable… God The Father’s love, and The Son’s love for us!



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