The Interrogator


The Interrogator
By Tom D Blakely

The first thing I remember was being brought into a room
I felt I was a prisoner and was about to face my doom.
In a war of filth and terror he sat there clean and neat
Acting as if he was a friend, but I saw through his deceit.

The interrogator wore a pleasant face to put me at my ease
He sat behind a desk and let me sit unguarded and released.
I knew he had the power to kill, he knew I knew it too
I was tempted to cooperate. . . I didn’t know what to do?

The others who had gone before, never had returned
I’d heard their agonising screams as they were slowly burned.
I prayed to God for peace inside, and knew He answered prayer
The interrogator looked at me with a deep and piercing stare.

‘We can do this hard or easy. You are smarter than your friends.
Tell me all I want to hear, and see how nicely this will end.’
Lord, give me peace and wisdom, to do good before I die
I want to lead this devil on… to think I might comply?’

‘I think I may oblige you sir, I’m of a different belief
To the martyrs that you tortured and cruelly put to death.
Sir unlike your previous victims I always believed in you
And treated you with great respect knowing all that you can do.’

‘I met you in the place of prayer and in the churches too
May I congratulate an adversary as resourceful as you!
The way you blinded millions by using a false face
Restoring the fallen empire by rebranding it a faith.’

‘That was a powerful platform, and indeed still is today
But no more burning martyrs, for that is not the way.
I see Interrogator you’ve wisely planned ahead
To draw your victims deceitfully into your spider web.’

‘And sir I must respect this, for you’ve done this job so well,
An evil master plan indeed; all souls fast-tracked to hell.
Perhaps in this I could advise, as some haven’t bit the bait?
For there is still a remnant. . . that may easily escape?’

‘Enough! My plans are foolproof. . . See here on this screen!’
He turned a monitor to me, and typed me through his plan.
He quickly brought up maps and zones of wars and world events
Never once supposing that to me it all made sense.’

‘This is all too much for me sir, but your plan looks really great
How without claiming any credit you do all the background work.
You’ve manipulated every war and event to suit your master plan
But instead of you receiving fame, you give it all to man.’

He sat in silence behind the desk, with that piercing stare
I wondered what he would do, having been so keen to share?
Then an incredible thought hit me; Lord this cannot be
He thinks I am a Christian and still wants to recruit me!

‘You’ve convinced me you’re a traitor,’ the Interrogator then said
‘Now enter Bible college, for a great church I have reserved.
Teach them my social gospel; that all roads can lead to heaven
Preach love, love, and nothing else; trust me they will listen.’

‘Sir of course I will and I thank you for this merciful reprieve.
One thing I’d ask is what to do with those who won’t believe?
To achieve complete success, none you can afford to leave?
The Bible teaches that those who escape God Himself will save?’

‘Do not quote God’s word to me! I know it better than you do!
Your sickly denominations each with their own particular view!
But now infiltrated thoroughly, it’s time to have some fun
The days of tribulation come when the church will join as one.’

‘The reason the church is full of mine should come as no surprise
Since the dawn of God’s creation, the church has been my prize.
The good seed of the gospel fell here there and everywhere
So many think they have it; we will soon see how they fare?’

‘Sir, a wise interpretation, it seems good soil was quite scarce
For most have not been saved at all, but taught so, by their church.
Now if you will excuse me, I’ve some lying I must practice?
To change the gospel of the blood, into love and nothing else.’

I was given leave to retire and I calmly walked outside
Anxiously I passed some guards, then asked God to be my guide.
I remember thinking… anywhere the Interrogator can’t find
Because somehow I already knew that he had changed his mind.

Dogs were barking and soldiers running; I took refuge in a tree
Though sadly it was too late; the Interrogator had found me!
But this wasn’t like the room, it seemed like holy ground?
The Interrogator had changed his face, but uttered not a sound.

I wondered why he stood afar and looked so ill at ease?
While I felt so at home up there and filled with godly peace?
The Holy Spirit spoke to me, saying: ‘This is where Christ died
I returned you to the blood-stained cross where He was crucified.’

I cried down from that holy place: ‘Satan you shouldn’t have trusted me.
For the blood of Jesus covers me and hell I’ll never see!
Light your pathetic bonfire; go on, burn me if you will
Praise God a martyr’s death will make my message louder still!’

‘For all your future planning will come to no avail
The Lord is still high over all, and you are doomed to fail.
The blood of Christ is life for all, who God directs His way
This is the one true gospel, for all others lead astray!’

‘Something you failed to understand, because you are not saved
Is that nothing can deceive all those who already have believed.
Your plans I had already seen, they are written in God’s word.
To think that you could change anything is totally absurd!’

‘Jesus knows about your plans and who you may affect
But no, not one will you abduct, from the blood purchased elect.
The only prisoners you may take are those already yours
And you’ll be with them long enough, throughout eternal years!’

The Interrogator was angry as he shouted to his men:
‘Get back you fools we can’t prevail against the Door of heaven!’

Teach them my social gospel. . . All roads lead to heaven. . .
Preach love, love, and nothing else. . . Trust me they will listen. . .
Teach them my social gospel. . . All roads lead to heaven. . .
Preach love, love, and nothing else. . .


(This poem was based on a dream)



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