The Invisible Kingdom


The Invisible Kingdom
By W A Zamorano

Draw near and listen to me,
I will tell you about a kingdom
that you cannot touch or see,
but yet it is real.
It is invisible, indestructible, eternal
forever and ever it will be.

All who enter therein,
a new life will begin.
A life lasting throughout eternity,
a life of Joy and Ecstasy,
serving His Majesty,
the Lord of Lords
and King of kings,
Creator of everything.

There is an open invitation
for everyone to come on in.
Every man, women and child
old or young, great or small
from every kindred or nation,
the invitation is to all.

For God so loved this world
that He gave His only Son
to die for our sin,
so we can come to Him.

When you repent and pray
and ask Jesus to come in,
the gate to His Kingdom will open wide
and He beckons you to come inside,
and when you slip through the door
nothing will be the same anymore.

Your spirit that was dead,
will come to life again.
You will become a brand new man.

Nourished by the Word of God
and the Holy Ghost,
Your spirit man will begin to grow.

God wants all to find salvation.
He does not want anyone to perish
and go to hell.
He wants all to be well.
That is the reason
why we must go and tell.

Jesus shed his blood on Calvary
so you and I can be set free
to find our purpose and destiny.

You alone decide, where you will abide
throughout eternity.
When you repent and ask Him to come in
your incredible journey
in God’s Kingdom will begin.




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