The King Is Dead. Long Live The King!


The King Is Dead. Long Live The King!
By Tom D Blakely

The sword makes a wound that is quick and clean
And for a moment there seemingly is no pain
But rather a dizzy faint, a loss of blood and life
If such must come to royalty, this is a befitting death.
Not prodding wounds where the culprits jostle
Inflicting pain with their scorn and laughter
Strip him; whip him; why would it matter?
He was rejected by his own and sent to the slaughter.
Someone mocks. . . ‘All hail the king!’

Crude metal nails hammered, that pierce the skin
Riveting feet and hands against coarse timber beams.
This is certainly not a death befitting a king.
The blood flows slowly; pain adds to the drain
Making the mind faint and death seem welcome.
Momentarily albeit, for as life passes hell begins
Where the soul never dies and the fire ever burns.
Oh for a sip of water to quench the infernal thirst.
Lost and separated from every comfort that I have
But that is why I am forsaken; God’s love to prove.
Someone cries. . . ‘We have no king but Caesar.’

Sin over me flows to fulfil the title: Son of Man
A punishment that perfectly fits the crime; yet not mine.
If only fallen man realised this pain that lies before him!
He would seek God’s mercy and in faith believe on Him
And the One who died, like this, here, now. . . The Son of Man
To give His life a ransom for penitent sinners throughout time.
May they learn salvation is something that they cannot earn.
But through faith is received by whoever calls on Jesus’ name.
This is the greater love that only the Spirit of God can make known.
For man’s concept of love is being full of goodness of his own.
Someone jeers. . . ‘If you are the Christ, save yourself!’

The Son tastes death for the sins of those who would believe
He suffers humiliation and a torturous death, because of love.
Cast into hell and separated from God to pay the price
Of the creature who ignores the Creator of time and place.
Time yields to the full circle of perfection; eternity veiled.
This place, whatever mankind would think of it, is but a passing stage.
What is seen in a lifespan is so little of what there really is.
Would they spend eternity in hell, like this. . ? God forbid!
They would wilfully reject God’s sovereignty and mercy if they did.
Someone speaks. . . ‘Surely he was the Son of God.’

Turn from sin now and follow as the Spirit of God would lead.
The price has already been paid for you by the Saviour’s blood.
The only perfect son of man; whose priceless blood gives life.
Behold the holy Lamb of God that takes away sin by His sacrifice.
By grace you are saved through faith, and that not of yourselves.
On your own you stand, or fall; pray that Christ you may receive.
When eternity comes there will be no time left for you to believe.
Pray for mercy to the King of heaven who died as in your place
So that the penalty for your sin, you may never have to face.
Jesus calls. . . ‘Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do.’

The darkness lifts from Calvary, for the king has overcome
‘It is finished’ He cries aloud; His serving work is done.
His resurrection follows on that glorious Easter morn
And for all who know Him personally the victory has come.
The saints from every age unite to praise His eternal reign
The redeemed sing. . . ‘The King Is dead. Long Live The King!’




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