The Last Hangover


The Last Hangover
By Tom D Blakely

A head like lead and lips so dry, my mouth a poisoned pit.
The dawn has come but I won’t rise until my fag is lit.
Oh curse the dawn, the ‘larm clock too, I’d rather stay in bed,
My coughing’s eased, I should be pleased, but what an awful head!

The only cure I’m fairly sure, must be the same again,
The bottle underneath my bed I then proceed to drain.
It’s hot as hell, the very smell’s enough to make you sick
The first’s the worst, I’m back on course, it must have done the trick.

As I begin to think more clear, I see the week ahead…
There’s nothing to look forward to, I should have stayed in bed.
I know I live a worthless life that needs to be cleaned out,
But I have tried so many times – there’s too much dirt about!

Some people live an upright life, with all outside in order,
But in their minds and sinful hearts lurks greed and lust and murder.
I ask you now, are you so clean outside and inside too?
For if you are that’s very good, for you’re the first to do!

That former man I must confess was me in my old ways,
Before the day God spoke to me and brightened up my days.
For I approached my God one day, when I was deep in sin,
I asked the Lord about this world, and where I stood with Him?

The Lord replied, “I made the world and every living thing,
I gave you life and cared for you, I would have been your King.
But you were under different rule and disobeyed my law,
The sin that ruined half your life, and wickedness, I saw!”

A thousand times ten thousand souls and more shall be in hell
Who follow after Satan’s ways, (for he on earth does dwell)
A shadow came before my eyes, the shadow of a cross,
And on it was the Saviour nailed, for me He suffered loss.

Christ gave His life that I might live, when He was crucified
And tortured by the men He’d made, He suffered there and died!
I cried out to the Lord my God, I put my trust in Him,
The blood that flowed on Calvary, then washed away my sin.

The heavens seemed to open wide, the clouds of old had gone,
I saw my precious risen Lord now seated on His throne.
My Lord has promised in His word some day He will return
To take away the chosen, who His love they did not spurn.

There’s not a person here below who knows us like he does,
Who judges right and judges fair, and cares for those He loves.
A Friend who never fails His own, though through the mill they go!
He ever keeps us by His power to live for Him below.

For when this life on earth shall end, a better one begins
With everlasting peace and joy, where no one ever sins,
Where day shall never turn to night, where there shall be no fear,
Where Jesus reigns, our righteous King from year to endless year.




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