The Living Word


The Living Word
By Marie C Neubauer

The living Word mankind’s foundation,
Sent forth to every tribe and nation.
God’s light for every situation,
Since the beginning of His creation!

The living Word shall always endure,
Alive, powerful, holy and pure.
In the flesh God’s Word did come,
In Jesus Christ, His own dear Son!

The living Word to all is sent, for
All have sinned and must repent.
To the poor, rich, halt and blind,
In Christ alone all hope we find!

The living Word will judge us all,
By our obedience we shall stand or fall…
Will Jesus say to us, ‘Well done’
When we appear before God’s Son?


‘For it is appointed unto man once to die, and after that the judgment.’
[Hebrews 9:27]



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