The Lost Sheep


The Lost Sheep
By W A Zamorano

One day the disciples
came to Jesus and asked
“Who is the greatest
In the kingdom of God?”

Jesus called a little child
And stood him in their midst
And said to the disciples
To be the greatest in Heaven
You must humble yourself
And become like this.

Then Jesus told a story
To all who were standing around
About a sheep that was lost
And found.

About a shepherd
who had a flock
A hundred strong
Who noticed one of
His precious lambs was gone.

So the Shepherd left
the ninety-nine behind
And went on his way
The lost little sheep to find.

When He found it unharmed
He took it into his arms
He rejoiced more
over the one who strayed
Than the ninety-nine who stayed.

So it is with our Father in Heaven
He watches over us 24/7
He does not want anyone to be lost
He wants us to be saved at any cost.

He is the Good Shepherd
You and I are His sheep
All who are humble and meek
Will inherit God’s kingdom
And their sleep will be sweet.

[Matthew 18]



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