The Love Of Christ


The Love Of Christ
By June Stein

Christ’s love for us is so immense, we could never understand,
The Lord of all Creation holds us gently in His hand,
We wonder at the miracle of His abiding Grace,
Won for us on Calvary’s Cross when, for sin, He took our place.

Creator, dying for created, Son of God – for sinful man,
As the earth shook with terrible fury,
On the Cross, hung Jesus Christ,
The perfect, sinless Holy Lamb.

True God, enduring separation from His Father,
True man, suffering horrible, searing pain,
Abandoned; mocked; treated with scorn,
The weight of all our sin upon Him,
Humbly accepting what God ordained.

His majesty covered in sweat and blood,
His crown that of piercing thorns,
Prince of Peace, Lord of Hosts, Emmanuel…
With our degradation adorned.

Triumphant, He rose from death’s shroud, and burst the chains of sin,
Opening the way for those who will, to have new life within,
Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life, which will never end,
He is our Matchless Lord and Savior, Shepherd, King and Friend.

Now, everyone can know Jesus, our Risen Christ the Lord,
All things were accomplished, as written in the Word,
Every prophesy fulfilled, from the time of Adam’s fall,
God sent His Only Son to earth…

He lived and died to save us all!




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