The Message


The Message
By Tom D Blakely

The message would seem to be far-reaching
As it goes beyond my Bible teaching
And perhaps against my own preaching?
Though how little use that was; God knows.

Years ago I was saved from hell
The Holy Spirit in mercy on me fell
And broke me from the Devil’s spell
From then I knew the way; God’s way.

I believed God would have me share it
Good news of free salvation without merit
And I expected all I told to hear it
But no, their ears were closed; God knows.

Then I looked at all my works with doubt
Faith flickered like a candle, almost out
Lord where are the ransomed souls, I shout!
Silence teaches us grace; God’s grace.

The world is shrouded by Satan’s mantel
Its leaders rule by corrupt example
Lord on Your word they dare to trample!
The Devil rules the world; God’s world.

But enough of all this negative waffle
God’s message to me was harsh but simple:
There will be no great revival
According to His message; God’s message.

Naturally I complained to Him
About lost souls dying in their sin
As the end was near, we had to do something!
Silence teaches us grace; God’s grace.

The end is not necessarily near
Though for many there is cause for fear
The Door is open; that much is clear
Through Christ the Way; God’s way.

There will be no great revival
Because of God’s unholy people
Those numb to sin, treating it as trivial
Blind rulers of the church; God’s church.

But Lord have mercy, Lord have mercy!
Are souls perishing due to church hierarchy?
Or due to individuals treating sin lightly?
We are Your children; God’s children.

Love God with heart, soul, and mind
And your neighbour; was God’s simple command
Which we refuse to do, or fail to understand
Though it is written in the word; God’s word.

The key to all God’s commands is love
Sin was born from a lack of godly love
Eden and Satan’s fall from heaven above
As recorded in the word; God’s word.

Lord You could bring about conviction?
By Your Spirit, convict your people of sin?
Break us and make us anew again?
Forgive us through Jesus Christ the Way; God’s way.

Count the time you spend on relaxation
Do the maths: what is God’s fraction?
Who waits; while we indulge in worldly pastime
We have locked God out of our lives children; God’s children.

God’s people should not dwell on vain argument
Such as what comes first, rapture or torment
When our last breath may be tonight!
This waste of time we say is for God; God’s time?

Consider your ways; be wise my children
Your love is tainted, and sin is sickening!
Repent, repent, if you would see My kingdom.
The proud I will blot out of the book of life; My book.

Number your days My true and faithful
Redeem the time, because the days are evil.
I will stop time; whilst you pray for revival.
Then I will send the flame of the Spirit; My Spirit.


‘He who overcomes shall be clothed in white garments,
and I will not blot out his name from the Book of Life;
but I will confess his name before My Father and before His angels.’
[Revelation 3:5]



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