The Old Piano


The Old Piano
By Tom D Blakely

‘I see nothing but trouble’, the piano tuner said,
‘But there is something else, that might be done instead?
Forget concert pitch, though some say it is the norm…
With this old piano too many things could go wrong.
Rusty strings won’t take the strain?
The tired old frame is not too strong?
If anything were to break, I won’t take the blame.
Sometimes it’s better to leave old things alone.
I could simply tune it to itself for a reasonable tone
Without the risk of doing it any serious harm?’

‘Okay tuner, good idea, and that will suit me fine,
It sounds an easy plan with nothing to go wrong.
Besides I’m used to the sound of my own tone
So there’s no need to cause unnecessary pain.
I’ve been playing along like this for many years
Not causing any ill feeling, upset, or tears.
The fact is, I’m past my concert pitch days
And like things the way they are; not upsetting my old ways.
So, tune it to itself, and be as gentle as you can
Don’t break anything, or you will get the blame.
A painless, quick tuning is all I really need
Which of course will be reflected in what you get paid.
So gently does it, and then goodbye my tuner friend
Little ain’t worth much, but will do me till my end.

‘Hello reverend son! I saved the church some cash
By getting the church piano tuned and you won’t believe the cost!
Come over here and listen! It sounds much better now!
And done for next to nothing by this piano tuning guy!

‘The only thing you saved today may have been yourself
From being restored in Christ, to former spiritual health!
Dad, even an old piano can be as good as new.
But first it must be in tune with all… not only just with you!
Remember when you first came to faith?
Your praise for the Saviour once shook this place!
You encouraged so many with the good news of Christ.
Many came to know Jesus… Mum and me were the first!
As a kid I was part of our amazing church choir…
With you on the church piano and me on my guitar!
You and mum encouraged me to go into God’s work,
Even when mum died… you continued to give support.
Many years and churches later, I have come back to this?!!
An old man, changed so much I barely recognize!
Where are the young people you once led in prayer?
Not here anyway; only the Lord knows where.’

‘I’m sorry, son… I seem to have let everyone down.
But most importantly my Lord; my once nearest, dearest Friend.
Now God is using you, for I’m seeing things more clear…
I feel the Lord present here, as if in answer to someone’s prayer?
I’m thinking electronic keyboard… with a drums, flute and guitar…
And we must pray for the children’s work… God’s work in God’s power!
I praise the Lord for vision! I thank the Lord for you!
Raise up His royal standard son; we have God’s work to do!
It really is amazing, how the devil takes us unaware…
O how we need each other, and to be with our Lord in prayer.
Here’s a subject for a sermon: “To Keep One’s Soul From Ruin,
Don’t trust dodgy tuners; Trust Christ To Stay In Tune!

‘If mum were still with us Dad, I’m sure she would be proud!’

‘Proud is what she wasn’t son… But now I know who prayed
And why the piano tuner’s plan so incredibly backfired!
One thing we have to do boy, is get on our knees in prayer,
Just like things used to be when your dear Mum was here.’




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