The Other Brother


The Other Brother
By Sylvia E Blakely

This is the story Jesus told…
The farmer’s son that left the fold.
He asked his father for his share
Then left home to go afar.

He found a country far away
and spent much money every day,
on fancy clothes and jewels too
With all his friends to help him through.

A famine came into that land
What could he do, his money gone?
There was no food for him to eat
He was a beggar on the street.

Work was not easy now to find
He found a job feeding swine.
He felt so hungry all day long
Knowing what he’d done was wrong.

He decided to go back home
And beg forgiveness as a son.
But when he was a great way off
The father saw the son he’d lost.

The boy felt sad for all he’d done
‘Father forgive your wayward son?’
His father killed the fatted calf
and then prepared a great repast.

With music and dancing, a time of joy
His father’s best robe he gave to his boy.
Good shoes on his feet fine rings on his hand
For a son who was lost but now was found!

The older son returned from work
and could not understand the cheerful sound?
He asked a servant to explain…
‘Your brother has come home again’.

He called his father to complain…
‘Why don’t you treat us both the same?
I have not ran away from home
I work each day here alone.’

‘And yet you killed the fatted calf
And tell me what he’s done is past!
You forgave him for all his wrong
Yet he was a sinful, wasteful son!’


The Lord teaches we must forgive
If we expect to be forgiven.
We must confess, we too have sinned
As forgiveness is a gift not earned.

Don’t be like the other brother
Who couldn’t understand the father
Thinking he was righteous enough
And lacked forgiveness, faith and love.


Parable of the Prodigal Son
[Luke 15:11-32]



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