The Painting


The Painting
By Joanne Standfield

As I reflect on my childhood,
it now seems an eternity away.
Those long days I seemed to have,
to dream, imagine and play.
My life stretched before me,
a canvas waiting for life’s paint.
Waiting for those vibrant colors,
life’s experiences would make.
This painting will stand for eternity,
it will stand the test of time.
It will depict those precious moments,
when I did the Father’s will, not mine.
I believe the mistakes and blemishes
will be washed over by His blood
that was shed for me on Calvary,
because of His amazing love.
Don’t take this life too lightly
for there is an awesome plan,
you are God’s own masterpiece
designed before the world began.
He’s placed the brush in your hands,
this painting is your own,
every brush-stroke of love and kindness,
throughout eternity will be shown.




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