The Place Of Prayer

The Place Of Prayer
By Tom D Blakely

When I find my life in turmoil
When there’s trouble at my door
When bad news comes, and worse news follows
When I think that I can take no more.
Where can I find strength and comfort?
The answer should be very clear.
But my friends, would you believe it?
I forget the place of prayer!

I’m too busy sorting turmoil
Dealing with trouble at the door
Trying to cope with news and failing
Grumbling, ‘I can take no more’.
Later I will come to Jesus
Usually when the trouble’s gone.
Then HE helps me see the picture
How I let the day go wrong. . . .

BEFORE you find yourself in danger
BEFORE trouble comes to your door
BEFORE bad news comes, and worse news follows
BEFORE you think you can take no more.
Find the place of strength and comfort
With ME in the place of prayer.
Then when Satan comes to get you
He’s too late, you’re in My care.




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