The Presence


The Presence
By Souad Susu Majdoub

My heart burns within me
I tremble, I shudder from my knee
What is this fire, this feeling
That brings healing, and is full of meaning
I am consumed by Your Presence
That my words have no coherence
But I know that now and forever
I live, my heart as light as a feather

My burdens cast away
My shoulders light as hay
For I have discovered new life
Not a formula as from nine to five
Nor a code as in Da Vinci’s
But a life that admits the Lord’s mercies

A fire consumes me
So deep that I am entranced
So high in my spirit am I advanced
Now I stand before the Lord
Mighty and lofty as the cedars of Lebanon
I can go on and on, anon…

To the One Divine my soul sings
I soar above all, that’s what this new life brings
Your Spirit, Your Presence, O my God
For this moment I was called
To abide with You
Your Spirit makes all new

Your Holy Presence
Like the sea’s insistent cadence
Purifies my heart
Not as a painter’s art
But with a touch that is so unique
I am humbledl ever so meek
Holy Spirit, Holy Spirit, I call to You
In Your Presence I am made new.




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