The Problem Of Sin


The Problem Of Sin
By Marie C Neubauer

I searched the writings
Learned men wrought,
Studied philosophers
And what they taught…
The quest for TRUTH,
Foremost in all I did,
But it seemed fruitless,
From me was it hid?

I hungered and thirsted
For peace in my soul,
Sought it in religion,
Undertaking that role…
Yet I still I hungered,
With no peace within,
For I didn’t realize
My problem was SIN!

One day I saw Calvary
Before me in prayer,
And cried out for mercy
And I met JESUS there…
For Jesus is TRUTH
All hope found in Him,
God’s spotless Lamb,
Who takes away sin!

And Jesus changed my life,
He has made me whole,
The TRUTH set me free,
As He restored my soul…
Come to the cross
Jesus takes away sin,
For all power in Heaven
And on Earth lies in HIM!


‘Behold the Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world!’
[John 1:29]



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