The Prodigal Son


The Prodigal Son
By June Stein

Prepare the fatted calf – bring the best of the wine!
Find the finest robe for him,
He has come home, this son of mine!
The son of my heart was lost, but is found,
Was almost beaten, but survived,
Let us eat and make merry…sing songs of joy,
He was dead to me, but he’s alive!

He will take his rightful place with me,
And be my faithful son,
With lessons learned through toil and pain,
A new life has begun,
Put a ring on his finger, and shoes on his feet,
Let us rejoice at the return of my own,
We thought him lost, but now he’s found,
And will be forever home!

So it is with us when we stray,
From the Way of Truth and Life,
We’re pulled sometimes to a broader path,
But it’s filled with endless strife,
The lights on that way grow dim,
And our feet get mired in muck,
The words that play in our minds,
Say we’re dirty, and will be forever stuck.

But our Heavenly Father is quick to forgive,
When we ask to come home to Him,
Through confessing our sins and repenting,
He fills our cup up to the brim,
We can live in the light of forgiveness and mercy,
In Grace won on Calvary’s tree,
When we’re washed in the blood of His Son,
And are faithful; we are forever free.

And in Heaven, there is great rejoicing!


[Luke 15:21-24]



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