The Rote Way


The Rote Way
By Frederick Blanchard

Come and let’s take a short walk,
In the quiet of this fall’s morn,
We can enjoy the cool air as we talk.

I ask a series of pointed and simple questions,
Then my attention is drawn elsewhere,
And I appear disinterested by my expressions.

Words of my mouth repeatedly dribble out,
In memorized rote sayings of the mind,
Not from the heart, so having value is in doubt.

Will you, my friend eventually become bored,
Knowing by discernment, it’s not me sharing,
But some preconceived thoughts that were scored?


I have no doubt that when I try to engage someone in conversation and I just repeat
the same phrases time and time again, that they will stop listening.
If the phrases I use are not my thoughts and not of my heart,
then are they meaningless, or at least will they become that way?

Taking this to a higher level…
What about our prayers or conversations with our Lord?
Would He be apt to stop listening if we just quote rote phrases?
For He is the discerner of our heart’s core and knows if what we say is real or not.




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